Creating Runnables
You'll need to install the subo CLI tool and Docker to use Atmo.
To install the tool, visit the subo repository.
Docker is used to build Runnables and run the Atmo development server.

Create a Runnable

You can create a new Runnable with subo:
> subo create runnable myfunction
By default, Rust will be used. To use Swift, pass --lang:
> subo create runnable myswiftfunction --lang=swift
Each runnable has a .runnable.yaml that describes it. The name you provide to the create runnable command is the name that will be used to call the Runnable in Directive handlers, which are discussed next.
Your Runnables will use the Runnable API to access resources such as the network, files, and more. Read more by clicking on the link or continuing through the guide.
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