Building a Bundle

To run your Atmo application, we need to create a Runnable Bundle. A Bundle is a file that includes your Directive, along with all of your Runnables compiled to WebAssembly modules. Bundles are built using subo. Note that you should pass the root of your Atmo project as the first argument:

subo build .

The end of this command should read:

✅ DONE: bundle was created -> ./

Running the Atmo development server

Once you have your Runnable Bundle, you can run Atmo:

> subo dev

Atmo will start up serving on port 8080, and you will begin to see its structured logs in your terminal. Make a request to POST localhost:8080/hello with a request body to see it in action.

The version of Atmo being run by subo dev is dictated by the atmoVersion key in your Directive.

Continue on to learn how to operate Atmo in real-world scenarios.